Principal's Message

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

The Nowgong Mission High School was established with an objective to provide the best possible education to the students both in academic and co-curricular activities as well as to inculcate in them good discipline and moral values based on Christian ethics.

Since its inception till today the Lord Almighty have been so gracious upon our school and therefore by his amazing grace today we have thousand plus students. This co-educational institution has classes from Nursery to XII (Arts). The school, well equipped with qualified teaching staffs and IT tools imparts education through English medium with the provision for teaching vernacular languages, Assamese, Hindi.

My dear students always remember to obey your parents, teachers', elders and have the attitude of learning from mistakes, and then God will surely bless you. In bible (Luke 6:40) the Lord says "A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher".

Dear esteemed parents, as a parents we must always remember an old chinese proverb, "one generation plants the trees and another gets the shade", likewise our generation's ideals will shape tomorrow's culture for our kids.

If our child does get 1st Rank in examinations that's great! But if they could not managed to get it, let us not take away their self-confidence and dignity from them. We must tell them that they may not be getting good marks for much bigger things in life than marks. What we have to as a parents is try to find out the latent talent on them and try nurture them in the right direction by inculcating on them the important values of life.

With Regards
Dr. Dina Swargiari
Nowgong Mission High School
Nagaon, Assam