School History

It is the American Missionaries who opened the door to the instutional education for women in Assam. In 1840 the wife of Dr. Nathan Brown and the wife of Oliver Cutter established the first Missionary Girl's School at Sibsapar. In 1850 A.D. Mrs. Burker established a similar institution at Guwahati.

Rev. Miles Bronson came all the way fro the USA to Assam in 1836 A.D. At first he began his work at Jaipur in Upper Assam. But in 1841 A.D. he had to face a lot of difficulties and this made him leave Jaipur for Nowgong(Nagaon). According to the monthly 'Dipty' Feburary issue of 1936 we find that he set up a preching concern and aa school at the same time. In 1842 A.D the number of students in that school was 80. But the influence of their families was not conducive to the educational atmosphere. So, he decided to open a boarding school and enrolled both boys and girls. He gave them accomodation in seperate hostels. Moreover, he setup a special hostel for the orphans. People throughout Assam showed their interest in this school and this school received a good amount of donation. But at that time there was an apathy against the activities of the American Missionaries in British India. This apathy was most probably inherited from the effects of the American were of Independence in the eighteenth century. The Bristish were actually in alin of thinking that the natives of India should not be so much educated in the way the American Missionaries desired. This is why Rev. Miles Bronson and other American Missionaries had hard times to obtain affiliation of their education mission to the then government recognition.

In 1848 A.D. Mr & Mrs. Bronson had to return to their native country on their health ground as Mr. & Mrs. Stodard had arrived at Nagaon to offer their helping hand to their work. Then the Bronsons returned to Nagaon in 1851 A.D. Miss Chawak also came with him to help in the school work. Several Missionsaries were at Nagaon in 1851 A.D. and they launced their work in the full swing.

In 1854 A.D. Dr. Peck arrived at Nagaon on inspection duty and a conference was held. It was observed that the orphans did not have interest in schooling.The orphanage was therefore almost abolished. But the school complex still had pre-primary, primary and Middle English Schools. At that time the Pre-primary and the Primary Sections were co-education, the Middle English Section was only for girls.

In 1855 A.D. Miss Chawab (Afterwards Mrs. Duble) returned to America on her health ground. In the same year Mr. Stodard also left for his natigve country and therefore Mr. Bronson had to manage all functions alone. In 1857 A.D. Mr. Bronson went on leave to his native country for the second time and, as a consequence , there was no missionary at Nagaon for a period of 20 (twenty) months. Charles Sonaram Thomas was therefore entrusted with all responsibilities.

In 1859 A.D. Rev. Tolman arrived Nagaon and took the charge of affairs. Sometimes he visited the Mikir Hill (At present Karbi Anglong) and in the hils he came in contact with Malaria fever. As a result , at the end of two years he had to return to his native country on health grounds. Then Dr. Bronson arrived back here in Assam and he had to stay alone till 1863 A.D. In this year Mr. Scot arrived at Nagaon. But in two years he suffered from Malaria and so he returned to his native country.

In addition to his preaching and school work Dr. Bronson devoted his valuable time to the cause of the Assamese literature also. He composed a lot of hymns, songs and tracts in Assamese. His compilation of an Assamese-English dictonary was a great work of his life. He had it published in 1867 A.D. He had to do it alomost alone because Mr. Scot was away from him. In 1868 A.D. Mr Scot returned to Nagaon, but as a result of his heavy work Dr. Bronson lost his normal health and went back to his native country. Then Mr. Scot had to stay alone, but he suffered from cholera and passed away in the same year. Mr. Scot had to manage the affairs of Nagaon Mission School till the return of Dr. Bronson in 1870. The wife of Dr. Bronson passe away in America in 1869 A.D. When he came back to Nagaon , he was accompained by his daughter Miss Mary Bronson. With much zeal she begaon to assist her father in his works. At that time Mrs. Scot was away in Guwahati. Mr.Nebor also continued his work for the Mikir people (now the karbis) with enthusiasm. He had great interest in school work. He received some financial assistance from the then government also. Then he set up a Teaching Training School inside the same school campus. Mr. Bebor came to Nagaon in 1871 A.D. Dr. Bronson married Miss Dunforth, but she passed away in Burma (Mynamar). Besides, his daughter Miss Bronson also suffered from cholera in a ship on her way back from Burma (Mynamar). It happened near Goalpara and she passed away in the same ship. She was buried at a cementery in Goalpara. After these two tragic events, Dr. Bronson left for Guwahati and Mr. Nebor alone had to bear the helm of affairs at Nagaon. In 1857 A.D. the Women Society sent Miss Sweet to Nagaon, but she too could not spend much time owing to her ill health.

In 1878 A.D. Mr. Nebor returned to America and Miss Keeler came from Guwahati to help Miss Sweet. But Miss Sweet left for calcutta for her medical treatment. Later she got married to Mr.King and the couple went to work among the Angamese in Nagaland. Then Miss Keeler managed the affairs alone till 1880. In this year Rev. P.H. Moore arrived at Nagaon and took the charge of management of the mission station and Miss Keeler began to manage the affairs of the women only.

In 1881 A.D. Miss Brund arrived and spent only 14 months at Nagaon. In 1883 A.D. Miss Keeler left for her native climate and Mrs.Moore took the charge. Miss Keeler returned to Nagaon in 1885 A.D. and Miss Porcel also came with her.

Miss Long and Miss Miller operated a girls boarding school and a day school in Nagaon Mission School complex for some years. According to the report of Nowgong School Matter Study Committee under CBCNEI (Councilof Baptist Churches in North East India), a Normal Training School was started in the year 1915 on the request of the then Government of Assam. It was operated inside the compound of Nagaon Mission School. It conducted one year training course awarding Junior and Senior Diploma for undermatrics and Matrics respectively till 1971. The Govt. of Assam had been granting a recurring aid upto 1971. In 1971 the Govt. Of Assam endorsed the policy of imparting the two year Normal Training Course only. So, the one year Junior and Senior Training courses were discontinued, and the Grant-in-Aid to the school was stopped. But the Normal Training School section was closed down in July 1977.

The High School section came into being in 1967 A.D. as a private enterprise without any encumbrance to the CBCNEI, but with the permission of CBCNEI to use the existing physical facilities. In 1976 the number of students in the High School Section was 91 (Ninety One). The rate of monthly fee was Rs. 15/- for all classes. The results in the Matric exams were quite satisfactory.

In 1976 the Pre-Primary section had 82 students (boys and girls, the Primary Section had 127 students (boys and girls) and the Middle English Section had 86 students (girls only). The rate of monthly fee from Pre-Primary to class V was Rs. 5.25 and that for class VI was 6.25P. At that time the medium of instruction was Assamese. English was taught as a subject from the Pre-Primary onwards. Miss Hazel Morris & Late (Miss) Anandi Konwar had taken the initiative in this respect. The High School section was fully English Medium.

Miss Vikland, Miss Hay and Miss Morris also sacrificed their valueable lives for the cause of the esteemed institution. When Miss Hazel Morris was the Principal, Miss Anandi Konwar was the Headmistress of the school. But Miss Hazel Morris had to leave for the USA. Then Miss Anandi Konwar was the Headmistress and Miss Eva Gohain (Now Mrs. Eva Gohain Sarma in the USA) was the Assistant Headmistress till 1978.

On 01 September 1977 Mr. Joshua Rangpi was appointed as the Headmaster of the school. On this same date the CBCNEI (Council of Baptist Churches Of North East India) handed over the school to ABC (Assam Baptist Convention).

In 1979, Mr Wilfred Goldsmith was designated Principal of the School and the whole school was converted into an English Medium School with co-education from KG-1 to Class X. He served in this capacity till March 1981.

In 1981 Mrs. Dipty Rani Gohain was given the charge of the Headmistress and Miss Claris Envoy was given that of the Assistant Headmistress. In 1983 Miss M. Sarabhai was designated as the Principal of the school and Mrs. Dipty Rani Gohain as the Vice-Principal. Miss Claris Envoy was designated as the Suprientendent of the school Hostel. In 1984 Mr. Bronson Rongpi, Ex-Principal of Cotton Collegiate Higher Secondary School of Guwahati was appointed as the Principal of Nagaon Mission School.

On 1 April 1986, Mr. Tankeswar Baruah was appointed as the Principal. He continued his service upto 30 April 1993. Mrs. Dipti Rani Gohain was appointed as the Principal of Nagaon Mission High School on 01 August 1995. Miss Mousomi Dutta was appointed as Principal in 2013.

Currently Dr. Riche Longle Riama is appointed as Principal of the school. The school is one of the best schools in the district of Nagaon. She has produced a great number of renowned citizens in the state of Assam. Every year H.S.L.C results are quite examplary and satisfactory. As long as the history of background in respect of Nagaon Mission High School continues for survival, she will continue to focus the light of wisdom not only as regards the formal education but also as regards the national solidarity so that the students can continue to have the blessings of being examplary citizens of the country.