Nowgong Mission High School Community College


To empower and equip the young people.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the community college is to pick up young school/college dropouts, the rural under-previleged, disadvantaged youths and give them opportunity to develop to their potential. To take their meaningful place in society,to become a blessing to their family and society and to touch the broken lives of youth.


Assam and North-East India as a whole are far away from the Indian maintained and opportunites are very less for meaningful and gainful employment. The youths by and large are very frustated while the educated youths have some form of opportunity,It is the school / college dropouts who are the worst sufferers.They have been luned by anti-social elements and have become vunerable to evil habits and ways that destroy them. This group of young people has become a matter of serious concern for the society.
The Community College concept is an alternative system of education aimed at helping the poor urban, rural, tribal and women to find gainful empowerment. In collaboration with the local industries and the Community. The system is of the community, for the community and by the community to produce resposible citizens. The community college promotes job oriented, work related, skill based and life coping education.
The Nowgong Mission High School Community College would like to target this vunerable group and in a very humble and special way would like to give a meningful direction to their lives and at athe same time encourages local Panchayats, agencies and individuals to come forward and make this a movement for transformation.

Academic Standards:

From the begining(2012) of the Academic year we follow the ICRDE (Indian Center for Research And Development Of Commuinity Education, Chennai) Curriculum for all subjects that have been developed. With these documents as a basis we work to achieve students goal.
As a college which strives to achieve the very best for its students, we encourage every student not just to reach their potential, but to go beyond, what might appear to be their limits. We strongly encourage Conduct and effort, not just raw academic success. We genuinely value the effort of a student who may acheive average results, but who has tried their absolute best to achieve those results.


Candidates seeking admission to the community college have to apply through filing the form availabe with the prospectus. At the time of admission the folowing documents need to be produced original.
Admission Fees 2000
Tution fee per month 500
Boarding / Mess fees per month 1500


Students must attend classes regulary and punctually.
Life Coping Skils 6 Months
Hand On Skils 3 Months
Internship 3 Months


The following subjects are compulsory for all the courses.

SL# Subject
1 English
2 Personality Development
3 General Communication and etiquette (manners)
4 Personal Hygiene and grooming
5 Coping Interview with confidence
6 Coping like skill .i.e, overcoming shyness, fear, strees, anger, low self esteen etc.
7 Computer basics With Microsof Office Suite
8 Paper Bag Making / Candle Making

Knowledge:(theory) 30%, Attitude 40%, SKill 30%


Hostel accomodation will be available for girls from outs station. Boarding and mess fees to be paid as per the rate determined by the College Board.


The Nowgong Mission High School Commuinity College function from the premises of Nowgong Mission High School campus located at Mission Road, Christian Patty, Nagaon-782001 Assam, India.


Mrs. Ninglianhoi Narzary
Principal NMHS
Mobile No: 7066104245

Mr Rahul Nanda
Mobile No: 700280551
Telephone No: 03672-233816

Upansana Singha Gohain, Co-Ordinator
Mobile No: 6003073362
Email: nownongmissionhighschool@gmail.come
website: https://nownongmissionschool.in/